Hi, I’m Herschell.

Hi. I’m Herschell, I also go by Special*Dark. 

I used to be an e-learning developer. 
I DJ’ed on the weekends and on Dogglounge.com
I wrote songs on my piano. 
I wrote gadget news on Arstechnica.com
I moved to San Francisco for culinary school
I took a job as the demo chef for Bloomingales
I met a girl. 
I followed her to Seattle and we live in Ballard. 
I worked at Macy’s for no particular reason. 
Now, I do social media and sales for Tom Douglas Restaurants

I never knew all this was possible. 

This is a record of my streaming consciousness.

~Herschell / Special*Dark

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Hey there. I wrangle social media and sell deliciousness nationally for Tom Douglas Restaurants in Seattle, spin records around the city and on the Internets. I enjoy a good cardigan with elbow pads.